Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday not in the park

The weekend, in pictures:

I walked the Noland Trail, which is 5 miles. I occasionally ran, in weak little spurts. I would say to myself, "Okay, you're going to run for the entirety of this Kylie Minogue song." And I'd run till the chorus and be like, "Mmmkay, close enough."

Watched the ranunculus grow deeper in color.

Made burgers; with cheese for me, without for Sean.

Made spaghetti with (frozen) meatballs. Very easy, almost felt like cheating. I keep thinking I should be making everything from scratch, but not quite yet. In time, friends, in time.

I hope everyone else's weekend has been lovely, despite the rainy skies!


Kate said...

Haha, I'm very amused that you called making frozen meatballs "cheating" because that's exactly what my mom calls it when she uses frozen food! Don't get me wrong, she does it a lot and it's definitely not cheating in terms of being a modern day cook. It's just funny that you used the same word =P

Amanda said...

Mm... I love meatballs. I have a great recipe if you want to make your own really easily. I don't even roll them; I just drop them onto a baking sheet and call it a meatball!

Amber said...

I just feel like I can cheat once I have learned how to do things the hard way. But alas, time constraints and maintaining fresh ingredients haven't agreed with that idea.