Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Savannah Summer Adventures 2017

June kicked my ass, and there's no other excuse for why it took me A FULL MONTH to share a peep at the fun we had in Savannah. But, since this bloggy blog is primarily just a record for myself of where I liked to eat and what was good, it's never too late. So....fire up the time machine and travel back with me to a month ago, when we were enjoying a few days in the sweet South.

My dear friend Bret's family is sweet enough to let us join in on their summer beach rental, and this year we were basically staying in a house worthy of a Nancy Meyers movie on Tybee Island. I couldn't resist snapping pics of the gorgeous living room, wishing I'd packed my best Diane Keaton white turtleneck to match.

We started our first night at the beach at our favorite Tybee watering hole, the Tybee Island Social Club. Our all-time favorite cocktails: The Scientist and The Socialite. 

The next morning the whole fam packed off to Coco's for fresh seafood.

I fully endorse their shrimp cakes, so much so that I ate half of one before I remembered to document. Ashleigh got their beautiful jerk salmon salad with pineapple. After lunch, we hit the beach and did important things, like make our own Spice Girls videos.

That night, we trekked to Savannah to reunite with our high school buddy Justin and take the town! 

First stop: shrimp and grits tacos and delicious cocktails at Treylor Park Hitch. Try the Baby Doll: vodka, watermelon juice, lemon and simple syrup.

Next up, a round of The Vespers cocktails to go from The Public, then a stop at Collins Quarter, where Ashleigh sweet-talked the bartender to give me this beautiful peony. The night wouldn't be complete without frose for everyone at Sorry Charlie's.

The Collins Quarter folks convinced us to make a return trip on Monday morning because, Y'ALL, they do brunch on Mondays. MONDAYS. Savannah is wild.

Every corner of the interior was gorgeous. I couldn't stop marveling over the perfect decor.

The dishes were equally beautiful, including Bret's Swine Time Beni with pulled pork...

And my pulled pork sandwich with apple slices.

They have an excellent coffee bar and I've been craving their Vietnamese coffee and Iced Lavender Mochas ever since.

If you want to see truly inspiring visual merchandising, you have to make a stop into Shop SCAD, a store carrying the incredible creations of students and alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design. The vignettes are worth the trip alone.

I mean, how great is this? From there, we stopped into Red Clover, a cute and very affordable boutique where we picked up lots of trendy jewelry for a song.

 No trip is complete without a stop to what might be my favorite store on the planet, Paris Market & Brocante.

Swoooooooooon. I picked up a galvanized planter I'm hoping to use for a pretty fern or ivy, and a vintage Spode blue and white plate.

Only at Vinnie Van Go-Go's can you experience the true joy of a Spodee Odee — red wine with Sunkist (it's shockingly delicious). Fair warning: it's cash-only.

The slices are bigger than your head and incredibly delicious.

On our last day, we walked past some of the prettiest houses in town to eat our traditional farewell brunch at Mrs. Wilkes, a family-style comfort food destination spot that has the best damned fried chicken I've ever had.

A peek at a backyard garden through the gate...so gorgeous.

And last, but very much not least, we made a stop at another favorite boutique: One Fish Two Fish.

That leather chandelier has me feeling some kind of way. 

It was another beautiful trip with my bestest boos and I can't wait for our next adventure!