Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Best v.201

Bookmarking for the future! Martha Stewart's lace-dyed eggs for future Easters.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jams of the Week

TV Jams: Funny Ladies on Comedy Central

Did you guys watch "Broad City"? I am in love with these girls. It's not even that I necessarily relate to their lives; I just think their mannerisms are hilarious, especially Ilana's idiosyncratic phrasing. I also have a mad crush on Hannibal Buress' character. You can catch up On Demand.

I'm also so happy "Inside Amy Schumer" is back. My friend Bret introduced me to it last summer and she is seriously one of the smartest comedians around the block. This Aaron Sorkin TV show parody is so on point it hurts.

Radio Jam: Disclosure, "Latch"

I'm pretty sure I downloaded this song almost a year ago, but I've been catching it on the radio lately and I get down and JAM in the car. I love all of their videos, too. This one is super sweet.

Literary Jam: "One More Thing" by BJ Novak

After hearing a lot of folks I respect gushing over BJ Novak's short story collection, One More Thing, I decided to give it a shot and it's really pretty great. It's funny, it's tragic, it's sharp and full of interesting observations about life, human behavior, social interactions and twists on the usual story tropes. I definitely could imagine a few of them making great screenplays, which makes sense since you know him as a writer and star of "The Office."

TV Shipping Jam: Peggy & Stan on "Mad Men"

One of the most ridiculous things I hate to admit about myself is that I LOVE slow-burn romance storylines on television shows. Put a pair of people together, build sexual tension for years and I'm a sucker for it. "Mad Men" is back and I cannot stop thinking about how much I want Stan and Peggy to hook up. It's weird how much I'm into the idea, especially considering Peggy is my proto-feminist icon and I shouldn't be so preoccupied with her love life. But I can't help it!!! And I'm not alone...there's even a Tumblr devoted to it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Today I Like ... Artsy Iphone Cases

Fine Art Iphone Cases

I'm feeling about ready to replace my current iPhone case and it's AMAZING how you can basically get a phone case of anything you want. Why not get your favorite work of art? My friend Bret has the Egon Schiele case at the top left and it always looks awesome. These are just a sampling of what's out there:

  1. Egon Schiele case, $43 at Zazzle.
  2. Mark Rothko case, $35 at Society 6.
  3. Van Gogh pink roses case, $41 at Zazzle.
  4. Erte sketch case, $35 at Society 6.
  5. Warhol Marilyn Monroe print case, $25 at Boxy Tech.
I'm pretty obsessed with the Rothko one...but knowing the choices are limitless makes it that much harder to choose! I pinned some more cases here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Portsmouth Day: Gosport Tavern & Appalachian Art

 One of the happy things to come out of working in a museum is that I have more desire than ever to be a tourist in my own area. On Sunday, Sean and I trekked out to Portsmouth to view an exhibit on Appalachian art at the Portsmouth Cultural Art Center. I grew up in Appalachia, so it's always fascinating to see how it's interpreted anywhere outside the region.

After finding our first choice restaurant was closed on Sunday, we decided to try Gosport Tavern, which ended up being a great choice! I had The Effingham, a sandwich of Virginia ham, green apples, brie and ale mustard. Every bite was delicious.

Sean, who is a bit of a burger connoisseur, was very impressed with his burger made with a mix of ground beef, chuck and short rib on a pretzel bun. 

 The cocktail menu is no joke either! I can't wait to go back and try the Champria!

 The Appalachian art exhibit explored both traditional folk craft and modern fine art, and where the two meet. I especially was intrigued by this quilted wall hanging by Murray Johnston.

And I liked this vibrant rooster and especially loved the rough-hewn framing, by Charlie Tysver. The show certainly made me proud of where I'm from, and of the tradition of arts and crafts that is so much a part of living there. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Best v. 200

Seated Woman by Milton Avery

Whew, today was a busy day, so forgive me for posting late! We've had a fun and busy weekend, a sort of prolonged birthday celebration for Sean, which has been fun. It's been warm like it's summer, so I'm daydreaming about long weekend trips, beaches and festivals. In the meantime, here are some favorite links:
  • A hilarious article charting the development of the basic bitch.
  • The cutest, sweetest pictures of Prince George.
  • An adorable Vine with Elmo.
  • Drake goes undercover to find out what people think of Drake.
  • Why McMansions are the worst.
  • Need a reminder that you're blessed? Take the privilege quiz. (I scored 61!)
  • Solange Knowles has a sweet back-up dancer at Coachella.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marbled Footed Bowl: The Finished Result

 My pottery piece is back from Color Me Mine! It's cool to see the finished product, but I have to admit...I thought it would magically look much more marbled!

 It teaches such respect for ceramicists because they can tell if they've done a good job glazing before their pieces are ever fired. I'm definitely just now learning that! The inside is a little streaky, and I really thought I had it just right when I finished! Lesson learned.

But, I do love its unique look and think it will be a great complement to my other pieces of pottery, which tend to be green and aqua. Now I just want to try again and again until I get it perfect!

Have you ever successfully glazed pottery? What's the trick to seeing the future and knowing you've got it just right? I'm guessing the trick is practice!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Spy: Cool Vases, School Lockers and Serveware

Long time, no antiquing! On Saturday, I hit up my favorite Virginia Beach spot with my friend Melissa. Found some great pieces, but I'm trying to hold back these days, so let's just go virtual window shopping!

One of the first things I spotted was a pair of these lovely lotus flower cloisonne lamps. The lamp shades are too much, but I think it would be lovely with a plain black shade. It would be a great piece to pull a color scheme from. I didn't catch the price, but I don't think the pair was more than $45.

 I loved the pyramid pattern of the grain on this lovely midcentury chest...inside, it had perfect lateral shelves for an office. A glamorous office indeed!

 I was smitten with these enamel "sizzle" plates, which were about $14 each. I'm not sure what exactly a sizzle plate is, but I imagine it's perfect for fajitas.

 I also was coveting this super chic tortoiseshell glass pitcher and tumblers...the perfect addition to a bar and just $32.99 for the set!

 As you know, I'm always hunting for the perfect future man cave art. Not sure if anything could be better than a map of Alcatraz Prison!

 I also saw plenty of very cool and unique vases, including this $14 clay vase that looked possibly Mexican or even Indian?

 And this $15 gorgeous porcelain vase...another great inspiration for a color scheme!

These old sewing machine drawers would be the best office supply holders ever to give your desk some character. It was $45 for the pair.

 I think having authentic lockers in a mud room or playroom would be the coolest thing ever. This set worked perfectly and I think was around $300.

 I thought the pattern on this $8 vase was reminded me of a lot of the famous patterns by David Hicks.

 Ceramic stools are incredibly versatile in the house or in the garden, and my friend was seriously debating taking this one home. It was a gorgeous example, with beautiful colors that would blend with any color scheme and handsome lion-shaped handles on the sides. It was a steal at $48!

I couldn't find a price anywhere on it, but this midcentury chair is a classic and the upholstery wasn't even bad! It was insanely comfortable. Maybe it's free? ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Best v. 199

Peggy Guggenheim and her most amazing sunglasses.

My best-of list this week is small...I have mostly spent my spare internet time looking at real estate online! But here are some small treats:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today I Like ... Oh Joy for Target

One of the first blogs I ever read was Oh Joy...I've been reading since she got married, started her own design company, moved to San Diego, moved to L.A. and became a mom! So it's especially fun to see her newest endeavor, a party line at Target! Everything in the collection is cute, but I'm especially in love with these amazingly well made and roomy reusable bags that are $7 each! I bought two and I'm keeping one in each car so I can finally start taking reusable bags seriously. It helps if they're cute!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Gal Pal Day: Painted Pottery, Movies & Burgers

Yesterday, I had the sweetest friend date day with my bestest pal Ashleigh! It was a rainy, icky, blustery day and all of the antique stores were closed, so we spontaneously decided to go to Color Me Mine in Ghent and paint pottery! I've never done that before, believe it or not. I always thought it seemed kind of corny; somehow I got it into my head that everyone paints garden animals or piggy banks and I just had no interest in that. But I've recently seen some of my favorite illustrators creating beautiful painted pieces at similar paint-your-own pottery spots and was intrigued. It was so much fun, and now I'm inspired to do so much more!

The best part? They let you bring your own wine.

We opted to created a marbled effect, so with a little help from the instructor, we drizzled our glaze colors onto a bed of shaving cream, then used the end point of a brush to swirl the colors.

I then dipped each side of my bowl in the shaving cream swirly mess and rinsed the shaving cream off in the sink. Amazingly, the colors stuck once the shaving cream was gone!

Ashleigh decided to make a butter dish and guys, it is going to be Anthropologie-cute.

How gorgeous is that?!

Once you're done, they overglaze the pieces and fire them; they'll be ready for pick-up in 7-10 days. I can't wait to see how they turned out!

 After our pottery adventure, we went to the Naro (a great old movie theater that is legit my favorite thing in Hampton Roads) and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was fun and kooky and beautifully art-directed, bur Rushmore will always be my favorite Wes Anderson movie.

For dinner, we opted to give 80/20 Burger Bar another shot. Both of us have had so-so experiences there in the past, but all of our friends insisted it's the best and we were wrong. I'm glad we did, because this time everything was perfect and delicious! The fried mozzarella is even revelatory (served with alfredo dipping sauce, too...mmmmmm).

We picked two different burgers and types of fries and then shared everything. I ordered the Steel City burger, with pepper jelly, grilled onions and meunster cheese, with a side of house fries smothered in parmesan, garlic and rosemary. Ashleigh got the Heritage, with thick-cut bacon, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese. The burgers ended up tasting quite similar, but I might give the Heritage the edge.

All in all, it was a perfect I'm just dying to see our finished pottery!