Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today I Like ... NYX Matte Lip Cream

I have a new true love, and it's an inexpensive drugstore make-up brand! I have spent no less than 4 years sampling the variety of matte lip products on the market. I've had some hits (especially with NARS products), but I've had plenty of misses, too. All I've been trying to do this whole time is get that soft pop of color you see on all the fresh-faced J.Crew models. I read a recommendation of this brand, which I frankly have never paid attention to in my local Target or CVS, and thought I'd give it a shot.

Within days, I owned not one, not two, but FOUR shades of the soft matte lip cream, a wonder product that has the consistency of mousse, vivid color with amazing depth and doesn't actually make my lips dryer than Death Valley. Just to give you a sense, I played model and snapped some pics...please note, this was AFTER a long work day.

This is the bright pink, Addis Ababa

A perfect petal pink, Milan

A bright, orange red, Amsterdam

And finally, a rich, pinker red called San Paulo

So now I basically have a shade to go with every outfit. It's a sickness, this lip cream addiction!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Best v.212

Lovely, lovely seas of ruffles from backstage at Giambattista Valli. Found here.

It's officially official: summer's halfway over. In response, I'm trekking out to any beach that will have me, soaking up the sun even when it's hiding behind the clouds and trying to wear sandals every day. When did I become such a summer addict? Who knows, but it's the promise that it will go away that makes it so sweet.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Norfolk Date Night: Field Guide and Obvious Child

Saturday night, Sean and I had a lovely date night in Norfolk, complete with alcoholic slushies and romantic comedies about unplanned pregnancies (seriously). We started our night at Field Guide, where I shamelessly ordered the same thing I've had before because it's that good. Field Guide reminds me of a hipster spin on family-style dining, seating you at long tables with strangers (but you're not expected to share). Your drinks come in jars, your food comes on mismatched plates and your menu has suggested events to check out around town. 

We started off with the Tennessee Whiskey and Grape slushies, which were the perfect thing.

I had the Privateer, a root beer-braised brisket sandwich topped with a smoked honey cheddar sauce and greens. Mmmmmm mmmm good. (And bad for my health...lord, I've fallen off the wagon since Savannah!)

We had cause to celebrate: Sean's new prescription sunglasses came from Warby Parker!

After we stuffed our bellies even further with gelato and carrot cake from YNot, we ventured to see Obvious Child, starring Jenny Slate as a woman who gets pregnant in a one night stand and faces the prospect of getting an abortion while possibly falling for the father of her baby. Heavy stuff (and controversial stuff), but I have to tell was really good. It also introduced me to Gabe Liedman, my new favorite.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today I Like ... Silk Scarves

 I had a thing for silk scarves when I was a young girl. I remember tying them in my ponytails, wearing them as kerchiefs, belts, headbands and beyond. I was always a 50's-obsessed kid, so no surprise there. But lately, especially as I've been seeing so many cool designs popping up in the silk scarf world, I've had them stuck on my mind again. I'm bringing 'em back into my repertoire! Let's get some styling inspiration, shall we? There's always the necktie...

 The fancy lady cravat, as modeled by Betty Draper...

 The effortless chic wrap-and-tie shown by Claudia Schiffer...

 the glamorous Hermes sling on the glamorous Grace Kelly...

 The head-and-sunglasses combo immortalized by Jackie Kennedy...

And the knot necklace, worn by Kate Middleton. 

And me, modeling my favorite easy breezy version: the triangle tie back.

Modern Square Scarves

silk scarves

  1. I am seriously coveting this $195 turquoise print scarf by Nectar and Light.
  2. Get some worldly flair with a tasseled square scarf from Johnny Was for $86.
  3. I've had Emerald Grippa's scarves on my wish list for a long time! $150.
  4. A cat lady like me can't resist Leah Goren's whimsical Picasso Cats scarf, $96.
  5. And if you don't have that much cash to drop on a scarf, Ann Taylor Loft's scarves are affordable and chic at $36.
You can also always scoop some vintage ones up at vintage clothing shops and antique stores! I have a couple I love, including this equestrian one I just scooped up on Saturday (shown above).

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Best v.211

Picasso with his portraits of Dora Maar.

I had a thrill of a weekend at the front end (more on that later) and an indulgent do-nothing day today, during which I finished a book, had a pin-a-thon, watched the World Cup, went for a walk and now it's pizza time. Let's be frank, it's always pizza time.
  • I love the song Fancy, but this writer has a point. We might deserve a better song of summer.
  • People thought Steven Spielberg killed a dinosaur.
  • Men need to stop calling women crazy.
  • You're not imagining it: work is the worst in your early 30s.
  • What if Indiana Jones were denied tenure.
  • A surprisingly lovely story about aircraft carriers.
  • How to ride a bike in a skirt
  • Also, via Joanna's blog: help identify Grandpa's Photos.
  • It's tomato sandwich season! Time to celebrate with this classic column from a Hampton Roads legend.
  • Get the tissues! A dog's last day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spaghetti Squash with Sausage

What kind of sorcery witchcraft turns this ... 

Into this...

Craziness! I know I'm a little late to the spaghetti squash party, but now that I showed up, I'm thinking I may never leave. 

It seems like absolute magic that you can put two halves of a squash on a baking sheet in an oven preheated to 350 degrees, cook for 40 minutes, shred each half with a fork and suddenly have a plate of 70-calorie spaghetti. 

Let's be real: it doesn't taste exactly like pasta. It's still a veggie. But it's such a perfectly mild-tasting veggie, strong enough to stand up to a meat sauce without getting soggy and soft enough to mimic the consistency of pasta. 

Cooking squash this way seems like a fairly new phenomenon (I don't remember anyone's mom serving this at a sleepover!), but spaghetti squash apparently has been cultivated and grown in the U.S. since at least the 1930s. Do a search on Pinterest and you'll find a spaghetti squash recipe to replace every favorite pasta dish you ever had...can I get an amen for that?

Have you tried it? What's your favorite spaghetti squash cooking trick or recipe? Do tell, because I'm looking for inspiration!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend 2014

 Another Fourth of July — my most treasured holiday — has come and gone! It was a great weekend, both relaxing and fun, but it does feel like summer is moving too fast. I wanted to share some pictures of our weekend celebrations before I forget. I got in the spirit on Friday and painted my nails.

 And then donned my 2014 Fourth of July outfit. As you may or may not know, getting dressed for the Fourth is one of my favorite things about it and I wish I had pictures from all the years. I remember as a kid, pairing red high-top Chuck Taylors with white Tees and blue jean shorts; as a teenager, I tied red, white and blue check ribbon around the straps of tank top. This year, I opted for my favorite shibori-print shirtdress and my wear-them-every-day red wedges from Gap.

Sean brought the Americana vibe with his plaid!

We joined our friends on the Palace Lawn in Colonial Williamsburg again this year and I honestly think that's one of my favorite spots to celebrate. I feel so privileged to have the option to celebrate the founding of our country in a former colonial capital. It's romantic and with the Virginia Symphony playing all my Americana jams, it feels cinematic! 

We shared a picnic of artichoke dip, no bake cheesecake bites, and — in a moment of brilliance — Sean ordered take-out burgers from DOG Street Pub and we nom nom'd on those bad boys while jamming to Aaron Copeland's "Rodeo" and felt proud to be Americans.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Best v.210

A young Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I was reminded this week that she's the best.

Did everyone have a wonderful Fourth? We did, and managed to make it out to the beach again today. I've never been so addicted to the beach as I am this summer, but I'm loving it! Here are some of my favorite links I stumbled upon this week:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Today I Like ... French Beauty

Want to have the allure of a Parisian woman? Apparently it's as easy as having an on-call home masseuse, drinking red wine every day, never wearing foundation and artfully mussing your hair. I was completely intrigued by this article about French beauty, particularly this section:
"But there’s something we find sexy about not being perfect every day and every second.  The amount of foundation sold in France is quite ridiculous compared to what is sold in Asia or America. We’re not great foundation users. Anytime you can actually see the tricks, it looks wrong to us. If you see a woman is wearing foundation, this is wrong to us. This is how we were brought up."
For inspiration, here are some French girls who seem to have the minimal makeup, mussed hair, casual chic thing down pat.

 Audrey Toutou

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Her sister, Lou Doillon

Clemence Poesy

Garance Dore

Lea Seydoux

Melanie Laurent

I'll tell you one thing...I don't think a French woman would ever eat a Wendy's Baconator, so there's that.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Jams of the Week

Music Obsession Jam: Sam Smith

Obsessed. He's been on my radar for a little while now, but since he's been doing so much press lately and I'm hearing him on the radio, I'm even more obsessed. I want him to be my celebrity British gay best friend.

Flavored Water Jam: La Croix Curate

I can cut soda, but for some reason, I can't cut fizz! I'm a big fan of these new flavors from La Croix, especially the Cherry Lime. It's delicious!

Lip Color Jam: Korres Lip Butter Balm

I posted several years ago about my love of Korres Lip Butter Glaze, but it bears repeating! I ordered additional colors because they no longer seem to sell it at Sephora, but I'm obsessed with all of them. Perfect color and perfect moisture.

Jewelry Jam: This New Ring

One of my favorite things about working at an art center is always coming into contact with beautiful handmade objects in our gift shop. I spotted this ring and had to have it! I love having pieces with a story, so it's cool to know the artist who actually made the piece. Find more jewelry like this at our gift shop at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center.