Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Wrapping 2012: Green and Gold

Here it is!!! The unveiling of my 2012 Christmas Wrapping color scheme...hahaha. I'm sure you've all waited with baited breath. This year, I opted to go for a rich-looking green and gold scheme...locals might be convinced I was a William & Mary grad! I daresay this is the best scheme yet; Sean says it looks rich. I bought about 4 rolls of gold paper but had a VERY hard time finding green paper that wasn't specifically holiday themed.

Then I had a stroke of genius! I decided to buy sheets of scrapbooking paper at my local craft store to wrap small gifts, thus incorporating green. Because most sheets are between 40 and 60 cents each, it was an absolute steal. 

I tried to get a huge variety of patterns...I picked up the peacock paper at TJ Maxx, the neon yellow-and-gold paisley at Target, the glitter polka dot at Target, the gold calligraphy flourish paper in the wedding section at Target and the green paper at the craft store. The green burlap ribbon is from World Market...I also ordered some velvet ribbon that hasn't made it yet, but will grace the next round of gifts. Believe it or not, I still have shopping to do...stepfamilies get BIG!

I spotted the pretty mint paper at World Market and bought the glitter flowers in the holiday section at Target. 

My favorite might be the scrapbook paper printed with a photo of evergreen trees; I thought it was manly and quirky, so I used it to wrap a gift for my dad. 

If you're curious to see my wrapping schemes, dating all the way back to 2006, click here.

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