Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Dressing

Not to brag, but my social calendar this holiday season has been jam-packed and I've been staring at my closet feeling like it's appropriate. I've been shopping around for little pieces to spruce up my wardrobe for the parties and events, and thought I'd share some of the budget-friendly items I've stumbled across in the process. I wanted to be a good and helpful blogger, so I made sure all of this is available in your average mall/shopping center and are still within the online-ordering realm if you need clothes for Christmas or New Year's.

Mall Holiday 1

  1. Green Dress, $30 at Old Navy
  2. Pyramid cuff, $20 at Forever 21.
  3. Red dress, $118 at J. Crew Factory store.
  4. Rhinestone Peter Pan collar, $25 at Forever 21.
  5. Sequin skirt dress, $52 at Dress Barn (I know, I was stunned, too. I thought that was the frumpiest store, but they actually have some great stuff these days and a wide range of sizes).
  6. Rhinestone earrings, $13 at Target.

Holiday 2

  1. Green silk blouse, $65 at J.Crew Factory
  2. Lace top peplum dress, $60 at Dress Barn.
  3. Sequin tank, $25 at Old Navy.
  4. Faux leopard ankle boots, $28 at Old Navy
  5. Prismatic earrings, $16 at Urban Outfitters.
  6. Stone necklace, $9.80 at Forever 21.

Holiday 3

  1. Sequin dress, $62 at Dress Barn.
  2. Magenta suede heels, $60 at Macy's
  3. Teardrop crystal ring, $13 at Target.
  4. Feathered hem dress, $250 at Macy's. 
  5. Jersey dress, $25 at Old Navy.
  6. Drop earrings, $6.80 at Forever 21.

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Laura Rennie said...

that gold sequined dress is too cute! touché, Dress Barn.