Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Wrapping 2016

I started out the season a little uninspired. Name a color combo and it seemed like I'd done it at some point. Green and gold. Blue and gold. Red and purple. Red and white and black. White and black and pink. Plaid! I'd even done silver and gold! But I've had this nagging desire for a couple years to do something really crazy for Christmas: orange.

If you're anything like my mom, you just recoiled in horror. Sure, it's basically a UVA theme. Yes, it's essentially a tribute to Dutch people everywhere. But I just couldn't shake how classic those Hermes boxes are! And I had found myself really drawn to the navy-and-orange signage of this antique store every time I passed. Plus, finding a way to do classy orange seemed like the ultimate challenge.

I trusted that orange and blue are complementary colors and went for it, and I'm pretty happy with the results! Sean searched for a long time for the word to capture his feelings about it and he landed on "sophisticated." I'll take it!

You can't really buy orange wrapping paper in your average chain store, so I popped into Paper Source and picked up three really pretty sheets to use for smaller gifts: a gold floral print, a Rifle Paper Design floral, and an orange-and-turquoise caning print.

The gorgeous blue caning print paper and the mint polka dot came from Home Goods, while the dusty navy polka dot paper came from Target.

The ribbons all came from craft stores and Target. I'm obsessed with that gold-and-mint ribbon!

What do you think? Success or am I still completely tripping? Now that I've tackled this most challenging of combos, I'm already feeling invigorated about next year! All neons perhaps? (Just kidding...I think that might be too far even for me. But, as the great Justin Bieber opines, "Never say never.")

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