Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016 in Pictures

Nope, no snow yet for us. But a girl can dream! Here are a few snapshots and memories from our little Christmas celebrations. This week I'm enjoying a super self-indulgent week off from work, watching movies, doing my nails, running errands. 

For the 10+ years of the "ugly Christmas sweater" trend, I never had an excuse to buy one! No one I knew actually threw an ugly sweater party, but this year, our work party had the theme and I was ready. A local antique mall has a booth that sells only vintage ugly Christmas sweaters and I scooped this Cats x Stranger Things homage sweater for just 16 bucks. On the back, it has a cat wearing its own ugly sweater. It's magical.

A parting shot of the wrapped gifts before we packed them up for our journey!

We started our Christmas trip in my hometown, where we always get together with my friends for "Ludichristmas."

We all majored in group photography in college. Here's a classic prom shot...

And a CW teen drama cast shot. We spoiled each other with magical gifts; I received a triceratacos holder and life is 100% better.

The next day we had a fun breakfast with my BFF Jamie. We're always ready for a goofy shot.

From there, we ventured to my dad's house, where I played Dr. Dolittle with their two dogs and cat. What can I say? Animals dig me (or my scratching skillz). We had a fun day of noshing, talking about the news biz and watching "It's a Wonderful Life" (a family tradition).

 We spent Christmas Day with my mom, where she and I giggled nonstop while trying out Snapchat filters.

 We also opened Christmas crackers and tried to keep up with the boundless energy of my nephew, who was basically going strong past all our bedtimes. That Christmas mojo is no joke!

Finally, on Monday we ventured to see my grandma, who is still knocking us out with her wit and humor, even when she isn't quite sure what we're saying or which blurry blob is talking to her. She embodies good spirits!

I came home with a big stack of great reading material, plenty of lip gloss and a glass link necklace I've been eyeing for years! Another successful holiday of family and friends in the books.

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