Friday, December 16, 2016

Wine Club Sparkling Christmas 2016

This week was our annual Wine Club Christmas and it was just as sparkly and fun as ever! We scoped out the fun courtyards at Erica's new place and probably made just a little bit too much noise, so all in all, good party.

Erica had a beautiful real tree — her first!!

Super Wine Club fail: Only picture of wine I even took! Spoiler: we drank all sparkling wines and all were good.

 Erica made two types of pork, one stuffed with feta and spinach and the other stuffed with cranberries and pecans. We also munched on delicious roasted multicolor potatoes and green beans.

Cracking our British crackers open to prepare for our wind-up reindeer race.

Paper crown selfie!!

Spoiler alert: they basically spun in all different directions and had to be forced to move toward the finish line. The winner got a box of truffles!

Just a lovely bunch of fake British lasses!

We did our classic White Elephant and NOT A SINGLE GIFT WAS STOLEN. Either we know each other too well or we've become sadly nonaggressive.

2016 was a shit year in so many ways, but it was a fabulous year for Wine Club! Looking forward to kicking ass and taking names like the lady bosses we are in 2017. Merry Christmas to the gal pals out there!

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