Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The 2013 Christmas Wrapping Scheme!

Longtime readers know I do not kid around when it comes to Christmas wrapping. Every year I obnoxiously pick a color scheme and push myself to come up with as many variations on that theme as possible. You can see previous schemes here and here. Last year, I snagged some Rodarte for Target moonprint wrapping paper on clearance after the holidays and knew I wanted to do the moon and stars. Easier said than done!

I searched for sophisticated star-print wrapping paper and the well came up pretty dry. I did find some awesome paper at Zazzle, but luckily I also found some locally at Target and of all places, my local Harris Teeter. I decided to accent the moonprint paper with black, silver and gold this year.

People have asked where I find paper and it's a wide mix. On occasion I've bought really fancy paper at Paper Source or craft stores, but for the most part, my paper comes from TJ Maxx, Target and World Market. I get ribbons at Michael's and sometimes, order super special fancy ribbon from M&J Trimming.

This year, I even bought a little stretchy sequin ribbon for a little extra somethin' somethin'!

Now that I've got the gifts under the tree, I'm noticing black and gold everywhere (including in my beloved typewriter ornament)!

So that's the wrapping 2013! Do you choose a color scheme? What's yours this year? I'm thinking next year I really need to go for some COLOR. The past few years have been _____ and gold, so I think I have to push myself out of that safety net.

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