Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Best v.182

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. Love those fall colors!

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend has been fun-filled and relaxing, like ours has been! Today we're decorating for Christmas and I'm thinking about getting a little crafty. Lord knows it's been a while! Here are some links I enjoyed this week:
  • Beautiful photographs recreate paintings by Edward Hopper.
  • Did you see the guy live-tweet his horrible flight fight? I don't think he was in the right, but man oh man, we've all fantasized about saying this stuff out loud, haven't we?
  • Reddit users named the best websites on the internet.
  • Which reminded me of my old favorite quiz site, Sporcle. I spent hours memorizing all of Africa so I could master that quiz!
  • A North Dakota news station had a new anchor this week: Ron Burgundy.
  • A classic: The Oatmeal's take on Thanksgiving.
  • Lorde is too cool for all of us, but this guide to her dance moves is pretty hilarious.
  • Awesome artsy gift for kiddos: Keith Haring stacking blocks.
  • The sweetest nanny and toddler collaborate on a photo series. (found via Joanna Goddard)

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