Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Fun: Christmas Town & Glassblowing

 The Christmas spirit has taken hold! I've spent the past week at fun holiday gatherings, including our annual trip to Busch Gardens' Christmas Town. It's always so much fun to see all the pretty lights and drink my weight in peppermint hot cocoa, but it was even more fun to bring friends and family who had never been! It really is magical.

I would love to see Busch Gardens someday sell some of their decorations in their stores...I'm in LOVE with the north star lights hanging from the trees.

 Speaking of decorations hanging from trees, I also had a super fun time at the Chrysler Glass Studio in Norfolk, where some friends and I signed up for a "Blow Your Own Ornament" workshop. It couldn't have been easier...they really do walk you through each step. Here, I'm rolling the clear glass in colored "silt."

 I then placed the glass back in the fire and rotated it. It was crazy to watch it get so melty! We tapped the glass blob on a stainless steel counter before the glass artist helped get it ready to blow.

 She used tongs to shape it, while I blew through a rubber hose. It was so cool!

 Once it was done, another glass artist turned the glass top to create a loop for the ornament. After a day of cooling, we were able to pick up our ornaments!

Mine is Barbie-perfect! It was a really cool experience and just enough to get me interested in learning more! The workshop was super fun with girlfriends, but would also be an awesome first date spot!

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