Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let Bygones be Bygones

Forgive the poor cell phone photo quality of these pictures! Mom and I were visiting Bygones Vintage in the Carytown section of Richmond yesterday. If you've never been, GO. It is the best vintage store I've ever visited, at least in Virginia. I've been shopping there faithfully since 2002 and it never lets me down.

They only sell clothes and accessories, rather than a thrift store or a general antiques store that has some clothes. They organize the racks by size, they have an entire formalwear room and they have quality reproduction clothes and accessories, as well.

Mom and I were visiting Richmond to try on wedding dresses, but if this yellow dress came in white and didn't have a 22" waist, my search would be over. I LOVE this dress and if one of you is a skinny minnie with $58 burning a hole in your pocket, you need to go buy it right now.


Sara said...

Next time I am in VA I need to go to Bygones...I need a cigarette case to use for my business cards. hah.

I approve of that dress. Show the pictures to the people at wedding dress stores, maybe they will be able to find something similar?

Amber said...

so far, not too much luck, but we shall see. there's always some detail i don't like, because I'm just so picky.