Friday, May 8, 2009

New Hairsdo!

I finally got my haircut. I get nervous about a handful of things: job interviews, calling strangers, asking dumb questions. But trying a new hairstylist is very, very high on that list. 

For the past three years, I went to a lovely girl named Aly in Harrisonburg, Va., but now it was time to find a new hair soulmate. I went to Salon Vivace and it was great! My stylist, Tasha, also had some suggestions for my wedding hair and make-up and all of her ideas were amazingly on-target for what I had been picturing.

Sigh. Now I can just get nervous about job interviews. 

This weekend, Sean and I are going to visit his parents for Mother's Day, so I didn't cook today (we're basically almost out of food). So instead, we had:

Bagel Bites! I have a weakness for pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening and pizza at suppertime.

Enjoy your mother's day! I have to get crackin on those soon-to-be-belated cards.


Sean said...

ooo i like the hairs do!

pbarfield said...

Muahaha... Tasha F - formerly Slavnik... I graduated from HS with her. She did my hair for a loonngg time AND she did my wedding day "hairs" and make-up. I highly recommend her! Were it not for Salon V's excessive pricing I'd still be there!

Sara said...

Yay hair. I want to get my hair "shaped up" for graduation but I am dreading the $40ish price tag... And I only got it cut two months ago.

Amanda said...

Oh my word, you have my hairdresser. Tasha is amazing. She has given me some great haircuts. Faux hawks, pompadours, several asymmetrical cuts -- the woman is fabulous. And super cute. As are your bangs.

Amber said...

Apparently Tasha handles everyone I know on the peninsula. heh. We talked briefly about my wedding and she TOTALLY got it, so that put me at ease about the stress of trying to find someone I trust.