Friday, May 15, 2009

Guest Room 1.0

We're calling this Guest Room 1.0 because anyone who knows me knows that I am never satisfied and will add and subtract from this room endlessly. Also, I ran out of time to hang up art or curtains. I digress; here is our guest room/office.

I try to always have fresh flowers for guests. I think it makes a home cheerful, makes a guest feel special and adds color where there was little. For $5 at Traders, it's worth it.

My paintbrushes and pencils, in front of a Van Gogh print I bought at the Met when I was 11.

Part of my dinosaur collection. One of my first co-workers, Martin would hand out these tiny little dinosaurs to the features department. They had names and we gave them MySpace pages. Only in features departments do these kinds of things happen. The stegosaurus (my favorite dinosaur EVARRR) was purchased at Lost Objects, Found Treasures in Asheville, N.C. He is a pencil sharpener; when you sharpen your pencil, it winds him so he will walk. 

Sean and I took these pictures in an awesome vintage photo booth at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. It was basically a dream come true for me, because prior to that, I had only been in the crappy color photo booths.

This is a picture of my pretty mom holding chubby me at my grandpa's former home in Cliffwood Beach, N.J. His beloved German Shepherd Tara can be seen to the side.

I bought Sean this Locke figurine for Christmas a few years ago. He is pondering the hatch. Sigh. Those were different times.

This is the general office half. My goal is to someday get identical desks so we look like we're sharing one long table, but alas. 


Sara said...

That is a huge extra bedroom! I am quite jealous, I couldn't afford a 2 bedroom around here (soooo expensive). My future office/craft room is a fairly large closet. hah.

I hope I will be able to visit before too long and take advantage of that guest room.

Amanda said...

Such a cute guest room!

Bret said...

"amber was a very fat baby. amber had rolls where no baby should ever have rolls."