Friday, May 29, 2009

Curtains, curtains everywhere

Well, we've finally hung up some curtains and four whole pieces of art! LOL. We're getting there. 

This is our bedroom. I'm in love with these sheers, which were discontinued at Target. They let the PERFECT amount of light in. The painting was a project for one of my drawing classes in college.

I dug out my beloved "A." That awesome vase was from a home decor store called Space in Staunton. The inside of it is bubble gum pink and the top is cracked like a dinosaur egg.

I have a weakness for silhouettes; these were from a defunct store in Dayton, Va.

And, curtains in the guest room! Loverly.


Kate said...

I can't wait to come visit! Your new place looks very inviting :)

Amber said...

We're ready for you; c'mon down.

Bret said...

our set for "pterodactyls" at scad had around 15 silhouettes as the art work in the living room. it was supposed to represent how all the characters are two dimensional and have no depth...or something. anyway, point being is i love them. we should have a victorian silhouettes drawing party!

Amber said...

YES, Bret. YES.