Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Guide

If I were rich, I would spend all of my money on gifts. Seriously; I love finding the right gift for the right person, especially something unexpected, unique and memorable. I can't afford to buy gifts for all the important women in my life (I have two grandmothers, two mothers and a future mother-in-law, so I'm making cards), but hopefully these gift ideas will inspire you!

1) Family Genealogy Tree: $99.95 from Red Envelope. This is an amazing gift that would make a wonderful heirloom. I've always been interested in my family's history, but I know some of my friends (and, ahem, fiance) couldn't even name their great-grandparents. This would be a great way to get talking about genealogy.

2) "Love Me Tender" Umbrella: $65 from Pare Umbrella. I have a weakness for stylish umbrellas. They're practical, they boost every outfit and I even think they make rainy days a little more fun. Plus, everyone is always blown away by a brightly patterned umbrella. Strangers have stopped me on the street to talk about my Marimekko one.

3) Bird feeder: $135 from J. Schatz. I have been lusting after this earthenware egg bird feeder for years now. It comes in eight colors, but I think the robin's egg blue would pack so much punch on a porch or hanging from a dogwood tree. 

4) Serving plates: $48 at Museum of Modern Art Store. These "chat" plates by Ikuku Nakazawa are so cute. I like how tongue-in-cheek the design is and I can just imagine the conversations these plates would start at a cocktail party. Perfect for a mom with a great sense of humor.

5) Perfume: $12 to $60 (depending on ounces) at Christopher Brosius' I Hate Perfume. Christopher Brosius makes perfume by traditional techniques that, according to his mission statement, make it impossible to mass produce. Each scent is meant to be nostalgic and soothing; some of the scents include "Winter 1972," "In the Library" and "At the Beach 1966." I think any mom would love Lavender Tea, which has notes of French lavender, Black Indian tea, warm woods and subtle Indonesian patchouli.

6) Delegate lists: $5 at See Jane Work. Help mom out with organization. The lists come in three varieties: Errand pad, Catch Up pad and Would You pad.

7) City poster: $22 at Ork Posters. Honor mom's favorite city or hometown with a poster or silkscreen from Ork. The locations include: Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Great Lakes, Los Angeles, Manhattan, NYC, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Washington D.C.

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