Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Card Extravaganza

I decided to make my own Mother's Day cards this year. I ran out of both time and momentum by the end of the week, so I eventually gave in and bought a couple. I also had epic struggles with my printer. I am seriously not trustworthy with pre-folded cardstock. But here are the ones I did make:

This one was for my stepgrandmother in New Jersey.

This one is for my stepmother, who loves white russians, much like movie hero "The Dude."

And for my mom, a blast from the past: Bobby Brown quoting his classic hit, "Every Little Step."

You may recall, also, that this is the completion of my first Design Challenge. Done and done!


Anonymous said...

Amber, ok, I know I don't know you and Chris L. got us talking, but seriously, I kind of worship you! lol How did you make those? What program did you use? Those are AMAZING. You need to find somewhere to submit those. I think you are really really talented and creative! Sorry for being your creepy FB stalker!

Amber said...

It's totally not creepy and thank you sooo much! I used most of Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator and a touch of InDesign when I set up the actual cards. I've been making my mom cards since high school and they're always ridiculous.

exit_265c said...

I *need* you to make me Bobby Brown cards for every occasion. That would be a good introduction at cocktail parties: "My name is Amber and I make Bobby Brown greeting cards."

gina-mom said...

ok, this just popped up and i don't think i saw this blog entry the first time... i have to say my favorite card so far was Bobby Marley saying "jamaica me happy"... although the Chris Kirkpatrick one was pretty fab also, lol