Friday, May 15, 2009

Farfalle with Gorgonzola Sauce

Well friends, it is with great regret that I reveal I do not have pictures of the farfalle with gorgonzola sauce. My camera battery died as I was photographing the pretty gorgonzola and Laura volunteered to take pictures, but when she handed me her card, I had to fess up and tell her I didn't have a card reader and it didn't fit in anywhere on my Mac. TRAGEDIES. So instead, we're looking at a picture of farfalle from the fine people at Martha Stewart.

Anyways, the meal consisted of ciabatta rolls with olive oil and spices for dipping, the farfalle and rose wine (which isn't really the best pairing for blue cheese but is the best pairing for gal pals who haven't seen each other in a while). The farfalle recipe came from Epicurious.

It was insanely easy, and such a nice alternative to alfredo: flavorful, a little salty and still fairly light.

I only had one little minor disaster. When I went to sprinkle parsley flakes on poor Ashleigh's pasta, I absentmindedly took the top off and just dumped a mountain of parsley on top. I tried to spread it out in the pasta, but at one point she speared a piece of farfalle on her fork that looked like it had grown moss. EEK.

A word on parsley: Why does Farm Fresh only sell it in massive bundles, rather than those cute little plastic containers? Or maybe they only do that when I'm there? Furthermore, why don't I stop being so scared of gardening and just buy potted parsley? Things to consider.


Joe said...

I'm trying to grow some herbs in the backyard this year -- mint, rosemary, basil and cilantro. I bought potted mint and rosemary, and just got some seed packets for the basil and cilantro. The mint and rosemary seem to be doing fine so far, and I've got some basil sprouting, but nothing's happening with the cilantro yet.

But yeah, growing your own herbs is much cheaper than buying them. I always buy parsley and cilantro in bunches, and usually end up having to throw a bunch out. The stuff in the little containers is handy, but expensive. And you're still not likely to use it all. Growing at home is definitely the way to go.

Amber said...

I really need to. I loved gardening as a child, but for some reason it makes me really anxious now. Have to get over it!

Amanda said...

I keep seeing so many nice pastas on your blog and others recently. I feel like I'm living in a no pasta zone with parents and a brother who aren't impressed by it and a sister who can't eat it.

Ugh! I don't want to make/eat meat every night!

Okay... frustration vented. :)