Friday, May 22, 2009

Paper Wisteria at Anthropologie

Take my breath awayyyyyy!! 
Paper wisteria tree at Anthropologie, as designed by Ruthi Auda and posted at Once Wed.

When I was six, I was in a production of The Mikado that featured a paper cherry blossom tree. It was the most magical set piece and this completely reminds me of it. I think this tree, which obviously would take a lot of skill and imagination, would be amazing at a wedding, party or in a nursery. Can't you imagine a baby girl sleeping under those branches? Sigh.

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Jenny @ Kerrfect! said...

Not sure if you'd be interested or not, but since she couldn't post her instructions for legal reasons, I figured out the method in which she made this tree. THEN I developed a tutorial for making something with a similar feel to it, but made in a different way (didn't want to copy her method). Just in case anyone is interested:

Cute blog by the way, I especially like the header.