Monday, April 20, 2009

What the what?!

So sorry for my absence. I had several posts planned about eateries I love, shopping at IKEA and other domesticated-related events. But then Sean had to go and ruin everything — by PROPOSING!!!

On Sunday, we drove up to Sean's parents' house to pick up some furniture they were planning to give us and also, to host a cookout with some college friends. It was awesome; we hung out with friends we hadn't seen in years and got all caught up and when almost everyone had left, except our dear friends Will and Ashleigh, Sean suddenly started pontificating.

He said, "I don't know if you know this, but today is our four-year anniversary." And I said, "Sean, why are you giving a speech?" And then I saw the stricken look on his face and he said something like, "Amber I love you..." and reached toward his pocket and suddenly I knew what was happening.

He pulled a ring out of his pocket and I said, "You are f**king kidding me! OH EM GEEE!" and then he bent down on one knee, took my hand and said, "Amber, I've loved you so long. Will you marry me?" At that point, everything went blurry and I looked at Ashleigh, who was crying, and Will, who was giggling, and suddenly noticed Sean's dad standing there and then realized I hadn't said anything. I said, "Yes!" really emphatically and had this out-of-body moment where I was thinking, "Omigod, this is my engagement. I just said yes. OMG." Then he tried to put the ring on my finger, but because my fingers are built like sausage links, he couldn't push it past my knuckle. (Don't worry, I shoved it down there eventually.)

It was lovely and shocking and surreal and out-of-body and just what I wanted and not what I was expecting AT ALL. So, it was great.


Amber said...

Aww, I'm such a dork. i maybe cried a little when i read that.

"I've loved you so long..." that is the sappiest, most true thing EVER and I'm thrilled he said it. How perfect is that?

I'm so happy for you both.

rula said...

Aww, Amber! That is such a cute story! And you are so cute with your grinning and your ohmygod's.

Also, I agree with above - that is such a wonderfully sweet thing of Sean to say.

I am so excited for you! Congratulations! :D

Joe said...

That's awesome. Way to go, y'all! Congrats!

Sara said...

Even though I already expressed this, I am so happy and excited! Eventually this blog will have to have some wedding planning in it, too.
And I want to see your ikea'd out apt.

Also, entirely unrelated...I love your watch!

Amanda said...

I love how you jumped straight to the "wedding" tag. :)


Amanda said...

Also... I absolutely love that you asked Sean why he was giving a speech. That is perfect. Hilarious.

Amber said...

I would like to note that I also said, out loud, "Oh EM GEE." I'm sure that in the future, it'll be the equivalent of saying "groovy."

ashleigh t. said...

This still makes me tear up! Love u! This was one of
my favorite memories from 09!

ashleigh t. said...

Ok just cried again reading this! Love you guys and sooo happy/excited for you! 89 days!