Friday, April 17, 2009

More on pasta sauce

Blogger Alicia Lynn Carrier posted a recipe she tried for fettucine with yogurt and herbs. Not red sauce. Not alfredo. We're getting somewhere! Read her excellent entry over at Bread and Honey.

And you can find the original recipe, shown at right, in Edible Portland.

Just so you know, I showed this recipe to Sean and said, "Look honey, it doesn't have alfredo or red sauce! It's yogurt!" And like the picky eater he is, he crinkled his nose in disgust and turned back to his XBox. Sigh. We'll get there.


Amanda said...

I saw this and thought "hoorah! I have plain yogurt and no idea what to do with it!" and then I read the recipe and realized that I don't have many of the other ingredients.

I guess I'll be having leftovers for dinner after all.

(p.s.- the word verification at present is "fulgulti." Is that or is that not the best awkward pronunciation of "faculty" ever?)

Anonymous said...

I found the Bread and Honey blog yesterday! I make a lot of food for my son, and I had some plums I needed to get rid of, so I googled roasted plums, and her blog came up! I was going to use her recipe until I realized we had no honey, so I kinda made my own recipe. Anyway, that is too weird that you use her site, too!