Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The proposal story EXTRAS!

So, I realized I forgot to include some super-cute details about the proposal and now I feel like I didn't do Sean justice.

So here's the DVD extras to my awesome proposal story:
  • I asked Sean how long he'd been thinking about getting married and he said, "A year, two years. Something like that." He said once he found out I was moving in with him, he decided he wanted to do it on our anniversary.
  • The day before he proposed, Sean called my father, my mother and my grandmother to ask their permission. He called my mom, who was totally surprised because she had seen him last week and he didn't say a word. Then he called my grandmother (to get my dad's number) and she said, "Well you know, I think she's going to say yes!" hehehe. Then he called my dad and got his voicemail. By the time my dad called him back, Sean was at work and dad was in the parking lot at the grocery store. Dad said Sean kept mumbling and saying, "Mr. Lester" and he felt really, really old. Needless to say, my dad had a very reflective trip to the grocery store!
  • I asked him how long he'd had the ring, and it turned out he had it for one day. I was like, "Whoa!" and he said, "Well, I wanted to be engaged!!"
So that's the man I'm marrying. He may not talk as much as I do, but deep inside, he's plotting awesomeness.

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rula said...

yay! thanks for adding details.
i love that he only had the ring for a day before proposing to you, haha! the man's deeply in love with you, can you blame him ;)