Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One-month status report: Still Undomesticated

It has almost been a month since I moved in with Sean and a lot has changed.

I got engaged! So that's big.

I cooked three types of meat!

I unpacked most of our stuff, and organized the closets.

I got really good about washing dishes immediately.

I broke my camera. That's not a good one.

But a couple big things have not changed.

I still get too lazy to cook, but at least I'm trying to eat at home. Today I had an Italian sandwich — ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce and balsamic vinegar. I've had pork tenderloin in the fridge, ready to go, that I've been putting off for days. I'm kind of a bum.

But more importantly, I never, ever put the laundry away. Does anyone else do this? It's a weird strain of laziness that makes no real sense, but seems to afflict many. I think part of the problem is the urgency associated with laundry; you're out of underwear, so you have to do it ASAP. You know it'll take a long time, so you pop it in and when it finishes drying, you know you have to fold it ASAP to avoid wrinkling. And by the time you've gone through this with two or more loads, you're just too worn out to go hang it all up. If I did all of that, laundry would be a full-time job! So when I ran out of hampers to stash my clean laundry in, I just laid it on top of the washer and dryer. I HAVE A PROBLEM HERE, PEOPLE! But sigh, it's just so nice outside. Too nice to hang my laundry up.


Sara said...

I hate folding laundry, and touching other people's dishes. I am not looking forward to no dishwasher.

Amanda said...

For the last couple of months I have completely failed at putting away my laundry too! I have to wash my stuff at the laundromat, so by the time I get all the way home with my folded clothes, I'm lucky to even get it up the stairs to my room. :)

theshe said...

My recommendation on the laundry front is to get yourself on a schedule. Because of my crazyinsanedemanding job, I do all of my laundry on the weekend, doing about 90 percent of the work on Sunday. I do all of the loads in a certain order - sheets and towels first, because they're easier to put away, followed by actual clothes. All of the hanging and folding of clothes (the pain in the ass part) happens on Sunday. And by the time the washing and drying is complete, and folding time has come, it's nighttime and I'm at least part of the way into my Sunday night drinking time, which makes it less mundane. (Did I mention I live and die by schedules? I am such a creature of habit.)

I find routine makes things easier. If you set a laundry day per week or so, it doesn't pile up to the point it gets unmanageable - it just becomes a thing you do without having to force yourself or think about it too hard.

Amber said...

Theshe, that is just way too sensible.

Unknown said...

You should just do the part that bothers you if it doesn't get done and get over the rest. This is my whole housekeeping philosophy.
For example, I don't think my socks have ever been in a drawer, because who the heck has time to pair socks and put them away?