Tuesday, April 7, 2009

hot dog!

Lunch, by Sean. Excuse the crappy cell phone picture. Somewhere in this apartment is my camera battery charger. I'm hoping to find it by 2011.

Sean made Sabrett's hot dogs (the greatest of frankenfurters) and waffle fries. He tried to convince me he had no idea what he was doing; he held up a sauce pan and was like, "I don't think the extra long dogs will fit in here." I didn't realize he was kidding; I can be a little slow on the uptake.

Neither of us have mastered this oven yet. Both of us cooked the fries until they were golden brown and both of us were dismayed to find they were cool by the time we sat down to eat. I suppose we're supposed to keep them warm or something? Seriously, what gives? I'll take suggestions.

Also, to explain about my dishwasher ignorance: I didn't have a dishwasher for 90% of my life, including childhood, so I seriously have no idea what goes in and what stays out. So far, nothing has been destroyed, so I guess that's good. I think that with only two of us eating, however, it's going to take weeks to fill it enough to make it worth running a load.

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Pat Jarrett said...

Try wrapping them in foil, or leave them in the oven until you serve them.
Love the blog!!