Monday, April 27, 2009

I can't have nice things

Busy week, busy weekend on our end. How about you?

We started wandering around looking at wedding venues this weekend, trying to find the dream: outdoor, with an indoor component in case of rain; room for dancing; not too expensive; not too big; not too small.

This place does not exist. But we've ventured forth to some lovely places; some by car, some by foot.

We drove by the lovely Inn at Warner Hall in Gloucester, which looks awesome and perfect and maybe wayyyyyyyyy out of our price range, and also maybe out of driving range for our revelers.

I'm in loooove with the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, a 1930s mansion with amazing grounds. It was almost Secret Garden-like. BUT, we would have to rent everything (chairs, tables, tent — the whole shebang) and there is no indoor option in case it rains.

We visited the Norfolk Botanical Garden, which was just a little out of our price range and didn't feel quite as intimate as I wanted.

We also looked at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center and Mariner's Museum grounds; haven't met with anyone yet, so I don't have a good grasp on how weddings would work there. Sigh. So if you have any venue suggestions from, say, Richmond eastward, please share! I'm betting I have barely scratched the surface of what eastern Virginia has to offer.

But in other news: I destroyed my digital camera.


I bought my Sony Cybershot TWO MONTHS AGO to go to California and I loved it. I was still adjusting to it! Sean and I stopped by the river bank in Gloucester to wade into the warm water and at one moment the sun hit him in a particularly pleasing way and I thought I would snap a shot. As a reached for my camera, it tumbled from my pocket into the saltwater, which apparently short-circuited the software. And of course, my warranty only covered the hardware. I am incredibly angry with myself for this; it does not feel like something a grown-up would do. Tears.


Sara said...

Those places all look beautiful... I would suggest looking at some places in the williamsburg/james city county area, but I imagine it may be more expensive there.

A few years ago, my friend Scott (he went to CNU) got married here:
I don't know if it has an outdoor component, but the indoors was very cool.

also, have you seen this website?
I just came across it while looking for the inn.

Ashleigh said...

Lauren told me to tell you about the Lesner Inn, of Virginia Beach. She went to a wedding there I think. I'm going to talk to Sara (my old roomie) about the tents and any venues she might know of :)

Amy said...

Message me your price point! My best friend's getting married and I have a ton of resources that I can share! :) That's funny you went to Warner Hall, I grew up playing there before it became a B&B and you're right it is NOT cheap!

Amber said...

Ashleigh: Lesner Inn looks intriguing, at least for the reception.

Amber said...

Amber, sorry about your camera. One thing you might want to keep in mind is asking about the venue's food "issues." Some don't allow you to use a different caterer (they require you to use theirs) or bar/bartender service, and charge you way too much for beer and liquor.

Elizardbeth said...

I went to a very thrifty wedding in the party room of a friend's condo. I'm not sure exactly how this works. But some apartments and condos have rooms that you can use for free or cheap if you live there. Maybe you should put out a call and see if anyone you know has such a thing?