Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well, Sean and I had two whole days of domestication before we traveled to my mountain hometown in southwest Virginia.

Staying in a hotel, eating out for every meal ... I'm definitely already regressing. I'm thinking that living in a hotel after only two days of making my own bed is probably not helping.

I picked up an ancient Martha Stewart Living at Wal-Mart last night with an article about Crepes 101. It's supposed to be an easy beginner guide, but I don't even have like half the tools. I don't have a sifter for chrissakes! So the crepes may have to wait.

Also, it said you need a nimble wrist; if my tennis/badminton skills are any indication, I am not nimble of wrist.


Pat Jarrett said...

you don't need a sifter for crepes! Give me a call sometime, all you need is an wisk and a steady pour.

Amber said...

Stupid Martha Stewart says I need a sifter. But what does she know?