Monday, April 6, 2009

Day One

Here's what I have to report after day one of cohabitation:

I never thought I'd have to remind my mate to brush his teeth. Or push his chair back in under the table.

However, he probably didn't think he'd have to deal with a girlfriend who is intimidated (at a near panic attack level) by the grocery store and is so anal, she wants every cord hidden from sight (which is impossible in this apartment).

Newly domesticated quandary #1: I had to call my mom to see if cookie sheets are dishwasher safe. I'm guessing yes? Please don't make fun of me!

A brief history of my cooking experience, to give you an idea:
* I have never made a meat by myself. Not kidding. I have been in the same room when meat was made, but my hands have never touched a meat thermometer, much less meat.
* I had to be taught how to shred carrots. Two years ago. When I was 22.
* The only memory of cooking with my mother that I have is licking the mixer after making cake/cookies.
* I once made a Bailey's cake, got excited, jumped up and down and forced the cake to sink in the middle. When I iced it with bailey's and sugar, the icing pooled in the center, creating a delicious, albeit potent shot. Disasters.

So this should be interesting.


Sara said...

I often call my mom when cooking or buyiing food to cook. Moms are really good for that.

Also, I remember those tiny cupcakes!

Amber said...

It's crazy to me that you're intimidated by the grocery store. I love grocery shopping.
One good tip: I keep on my phone a list of the spices/baking goods I have in my pantry. It's helpful if I decide while at the store that I want to make something specific, so I don't end up with two of everything "just in case."

Amber said...

I love grocery shopping, but when I see all the different types of certain things, I get all weirded out. Also, if I don't have a list, I wander, wide-eyed. I find it very hard to plan a meal in my head.

Kelly Jasper said...

These people hate cords too:

Amber said...

Kelly, those cords look awesome! Thanks for the link.