Friday, April 17, 2009

Piggy Pig Pig

I may be a novice, but I know a few things. One of the things I didn't have to be taught was to cook with kosher salt. It's coarser (which I love), perfect for pinching and it's blessed by a rabbi, which is always crucial.

I had my eye on the Nigella Lawson salt pig available at Bliss Home, but being unemployed + cheap, I didn't want to pay shipping. So I ventured out to my local Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and World Market and came up completely empty. I couldn't find a salt pig ANYWHERE and I had two store salespeople ask me, "Salt what?" Ultimately, I bought a small glass spice jar from World Market for $2 and I imagine that will work fine for now.

Kosher salt lovers, where do you store your precious mineral?


Joe said...

In the box.

Unknown said...

LOL. yeah, I tried that and I always ended up with more than I wanted.

kelly jasper said...

I did exactly what you did. Sigh.

Aliya said...

I have a saltpig that I LOVE from Williams-Sonoma. A little pricey.. but so worth it!

Unknown said...

Aengus & I have no shame. We keep most of it in the box, but we keep a small prep bowl right there on the stove with some salt in it.
If you dose it out in dribs and drabs, and if you use wee little prep bowls, you can also add other stuff to your salt, like pepper or garlic or savory.