Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things fall apart

I have a favorite velvet tufted throw pillow that I bought on super sale at World Market years ago. Yesterday, I picked it up and noticed to my dismay that a button had fallen off. Not knowing what to do, I stashed the button in a jewelry box nearby and figured I'd tackle that problem later.

Now, this is where anyone with a working brain would say, "Amber, if the pillow is tufted on both sides, doesn't that mean the other button fell off, too?" And I would say, "Person, why don't you shut up? I don't know nothin' about these things." Long story short, the other button fell off and left this unsightly thread.

The thing is, I don't know how to sew. Like, at all. I was much more domesticated in middle school, when a regime of Girl Scouts and arts camp kept a needle and thread in my hands, but I haven't picked either up since probably 8th grade. I used to know how to cross-stitch, basic embroidery, basic stitching, etc. But that was when I was designing dresses for my Barbies. So this is beyond me.

Does anyone know of a simple fix? Even better, is there anyone who could physically show me how to fix this situation?


Sara said...

I can give you a good description. Possibly including diagrams. Photographs if you are willing to wait a week until school has calmed. What does the back of the button look like?

Amanda said...

Haha... I would totally just keep looping and looping until I created an awkward situation what would probably only last for a week. :) So I won't bore you with the directions for that.

Amber said...

Sara, stay tuned. I will post a picture of the buttons tomorrow!