Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Okay, okay, I'm finally cooking again. Today was kind of insanely busy; we moved all our furniture around, got help with the insanely heavy couch, moved more furniture, ran errands, cooked dinner for Ashleigh, looked at wedding magazines and now, at 11, I'm finally free to write. 

Here is the day, in pictures:

This is the "before" picture. Utter chaos. Not that it's much better now, but I think we all know apartments are ever-evolving.

Made mini pizzas for lunch. I can't really say this was a huge step forward in my cooking experiments; making pizza with those awesome Boboli crusts is about as easy as putting together a Lunchable. Sean's was plain pepperoni and mozzarella; mine was mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, pepperoni and salami. Delish.

Our apartment is newly IKEA'd. Cheap Swedish design now fills my home and it's awesome. For anyone who has never been to IKEA, it is a wonderland emporium of modern fantasy furniture fabulousness. We are now the proud owners of a: Bjursta dining table and IKEA Stockholm TV bench. And now we can't spend money ever again, cause we's poor.


Amber said...

want that bookshelf. in white. where did it come from?

Amber said...

It is the Expedit in IKEA, the greatest of all bookcases. And it was supposed to be white. My dad opened the box and was like, "um...don't be mad..." He had grabbed the wrong one, so I've just decided to incorporate more black.