Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Best v.19

Today seems like a good day for a rowboat. One of my favorite late spring/summer activities is paddleboating, but we haven't made it out to the park yet this year. I've love to plan a little boating party at the park; would any of you like to come?
  • Amazing collages unlike any I've ever seen!
  • If you love adorable kitten videos, say goodbye to your free time. That site will steal all of it.
  • Keeping track of where your money goes can be fun.
  • If the idea of buying a horribly dated home scares you, remember it has potential.
  • Tomorrow is my five-year dating anniversary and my anniversary of getting engaged! Read all about it here and here.


Bethany said...

i love the site with the home renovations. i've always gone for heavy, dark colors when i decorate and have really been trying to get out of that. the decorations in the featured house were so light and airy. definitely some inspiration for later!

Amber said...

That house is basically in my color scheme, except I have a tendency to throw in a dash of pink or red to saturate it up!