Friday, April 9, 2010

Anemones, Dahlias, Ranunculus Oh My!

Wedding planning is moving right along, but not getting any easier. If I've learned anything in this process, it's that second-guessing yourself is unavoidable. You think you want one thing, and then your heart swoons for something else.

Of all things, I think choosing flowers for my bouquet will be hardest! I love flowers, and I'm very picky. I don't much care for traditional roses, I don't really think daisies are very "me," and I HATE that fussy greenery florists always seem to toss in.

At first, I thought I would carry a bouquet of red anemones (the flower on the bottom right in my inspiration picture there). Then I found out they are insanely out of season in October; that said, I can still have some incorporated into my bouquet, but for a pretty penny.

I also always thought I'd want a colorful bouquet, but I've been really attracted to ivory bouquets lately. As for my bridesmaids, I always thought I'd want them to call a bouquet of fall colors, but lately I've been fantasizing about a mix of pale pinks, peaches, reds and plums.

So, for now, I'm planning on taking this inspiration sheet to a florist and seeing what suggestions he or she might have. It includes
  • First row: Bouquet of anemones; gorgeous bouquet by Saipua.
  • Second row: Dark red ranunculus; beautiful dahlias; champagne-colored callas.
  • Third row: Pale pink English roses; calla lilies; ivory dinner plate dahlia; and red anemone.
What do you guys think? Colored flowers or white for me? A pretty mix? What should my bridesmaids carry?

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