Thursday, April 22, 2010

LOST in Translation V.12


It's getting a little wild and a little strange on LOST these days. Yet again, I wasn't able to watch with full focus because of a little thing called work, but I think I can at least say it was nice to see the Sideways world converging with the Island world so much.

The castaways are getting thrown together in the Sideways world, facing issues that plagued them in the Island world head-on. And there seems to be a certain degree of recognition; how else to explain Sun's horror when she saw Locke at the hospital? And the easy repartee between Kate and Sawyer?

There were a lot of things about this episode that sucked, too. Desmond in the Sideways world seems to be acting like a Gabriel-type figure, shepherding people into each other's lives (he delivered Locke to Jack practically on a platter, did he not?) and for some reason, that makes me feel uneasy. It doesn't suit him; one of the most lovable things about Desmond is that he doth protest too much any time someone tries to pin a "destiny" on him. I'm curious how he got from point A (his conversation with Faraday) to point B (basically forcing Claire, the most trusting person ever, to go meet his lawyer).

I also didn't like the relative ease with which our castaways agreed to ditch Locke and the Island, steal a boat and head out. C'mon, really? After all this, they still just want to get back? That's ridiculous. They should just give up and take what the Island dishes them at this point.

I'm also tired of Zombie Sayid.

I'm also tired of Weirdo Claire.

Sigh. Can you sense my fatigue? I'm trying to keep the faith this will be tied up in a nice way.

There were some great redeeming moments to the episode, though. First and foremost, the revelation that the Man in Black WAS masquerading as people's lost loved ones. I raised my arms in victory because I called that forever ago. Except....wait a sec...I thought Michael told us last week that some of them are caught in the "in-between." Or was that Locke? ARGH. SO CONFUSED.

I also liked the little wink at longtime viewers when Jack arrived at the hospital to find out Locke's injury was the same as the problem he encountered in his first difficult spinal surgery, the one when he learned to count to five and calm down. But the moment when he saw Locke's face...he really jolted and I don't think that was just with recognition. I think he knew, in his gut, he HAS to save this man.

Which leads me to my new theory: is it feasible, remotely, that by saving Sideways Locke, Jack can somehow stop the Man in Black from wreaking whatever havoc he's planning? I don't really know how that would work, but it's something to ponder.

I also really appreciated seeing Jin and Sun reunited, but did not appreciate Zoe being a bitch. "The deal is off" my foot! Is Widmore convinced that by taking the time to talk to the MIB, the castaways are all lost causes? (ha...LOST causes.)

Which leads me to the scariest thing ever: the moment when Fake Locke appeared before bleary eyed Jack, freshly recovering from his latest blast survival (he's a pro by now), and said, "You're with me now." That sounded pretty definitive, didn't it? After all, as Claire said, Jack let him talk to him.

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