Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wedding Planning Update: Chairs are dumb!

Chairs at weddings have become the bane of my existence. But I'm happy to report the lovely supportive women over at A Practical Wedding offered their support on my rant, which Meg kindly posted today.

Read and enjoy!


tamerajane said...

LOST & weddings? I love your blog! Ha. I really like those stamped bags a few posts down. Sweet!

Are these the chairs you're getting? As much as I am not a fan of the triangle bunting stuff, I think really simple white ones a la strung on the backs of chairs fancytowns them right up.

Unknown said...

frankly, as long as people have a place to sit, they dont give a damn what the seat/chair/couch/bench/haystack looks like.

go with your gut. i promise i'll be a judgmental bitch, but NOT about the chairs. haha

maura said...

oh, that vendor lady is not nice.

i would seriously consider giving her superiors a review of her. hopefully, it was just the chair incident.

they are chairs. for sitting, and you are SO right. a talent photog will go around them, and if not- it's a realistic depiction of the day.

Amber said...

She was nice in every other aspect; I don't blame her for doing her job. I just imagine I'm not like most of the brides she works with.

Sarah said...

omg, how funny. I just stumbled upon your site, but I totally related to the chair rant last week! Our venue had the WORST CHAIRS EVER. Totally ugly. And our planner talked me into having chair covers made. Even though we could rent identical ones from the venue for way less. The bottom line: we spent a fortune. And did not even look at the chairs all night. Well, once, but only to note that even with spankin new covers they were still ugly as hell. But who the eff cares, you know?