Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Craftapalooza

How was your weekend, ya'll? I had the best weekend crafting with my good friend Sara, who is a crafting goddess. Sara not only took crafting courses in college, but is a children's librarian who spends her days folding, cutting and glittering with youngins.

I've driven her crazy sending her insane e-mails with wildly divergent ideas for what I wanted to craft, what I wanted things to look like and what my vision was for the wedding. I knew I wanted to craft but that was the only clear vision. So this weekend we settled in, pared down, streamlined and came away with about half of the crafting completed and clear. Whew.

At the beginning of the process, I wanted to make: paper flower lanterns, tissue poms, paper heart garlands, a decoupaged escort display, stamped party favor bags, papier mache birds for a cake topper and so. much. other. crap.

We cemented our vision and here's what we came away with:
  • Paper heart garlands, made with our matching heart punches and a stack of Twilight books (bwahahaha. I've never relished destroying something more!)
  • Newspaper-decoupaged stars and glitter stars to hang in two of the trees, including the one under which we'll be married
  • Tissue pom garlands to hang over the dance floor
  • Hand-stamped (or Ashleigh-stamped, in all reality) muslin favor bags
Here's some pics from the weekend's work:

Stamped muslin bags, with copper, black and red ink.

A rose-gold glitter star.

Sara working on her newspaper star (made from my hometown paper where my Daddy works!).

Ashleigh stamping away! Ashleigh did ALL 100-some bags by herself in like, an hour and a half or two hours. It was amazing. I am indebted to you foreva!

Crafting Central!

Oh! I forgot the best part! For more than half of the supplies, I spent NOTHING because I found an ancient Michael's gift card for $50 in an old purse and my bill ended up coming to $48.79. So if you have a tendency to lose gift cards, go checking your purses! You never know what you'll find.


theshe said...

I spy with my little eyes some pages from The Coalfield.

Amber said...

They will totally be in my wedding!

Ashley said...

Love the stars!