Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOST in Translation V.10


I'm not going to lie. I definitely have to watch last night's episode again because I was writing an article while it was on and couldn't properly pay attention (re: take notes like an obsessive crazy person).

But let's go over some big a-Ha! moments:
  • It's no coincidence that Desmond is one of the only (if not the only) people who has been able to time-trip without dying or going completely insane. He clearly has abilities others simply do not possess.
  • Is it a coincidence Desmond fell in love with Penny? It seems that their love was always part of the Island's plan. Or maybe not...Eloise certainly was trying to prevent it. For that matter, who is Penny's mother? Have we ever seen or heard of her?
  • I LOVED the Sideways world for Desmond; I loved the similarities and winks at previous storylines (sharing scotch with Widmore; running at the stadium; jumping into the water at the docks where he beat the crap out of Ben).
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: We finally have acknowledgement that the Sideways brains are connected to the brains of the Island people. They aren't past lives, but simultaneous lives...and they're about to connect. I loved that Charlie (oh, my favorite!) was the first to acknowledge that he could feel it. I also loved that, as always, Eloise is trying to keep Desmond on his path and as always, it never works. And my heart swooned when I saw Faraday, another fave.
We're still left with some questions.

What the hell was that thing that blasted Desmond into the great unknown? It looked like a set for a Britney Spears video in the late '90s (and he frankly looks like he's dancing in that shot at the top of this post).

What's Desmond's actual role? How can he harness what he now knows to save the island? Is it possible all of the castaways could connect with their Sideways selves in Widmore's microwave?

What is Desmond going to do with Sayid and the rest of Flocke's flock?

And last but never ever least, where do we see this all going? My biggest fear is that it will crumble into anticlimactic mumbo-jumbo like the final book in the Twilight series. If it turns out Desmond can protect everyone with electromagnetic mind bubbles, I will be pissed!


Chanelle said...

For the Britney set: I was equally confused. So I asked my engineer hubs. He says that is called a solenoid. An everyday example is a flashlight that you have to shake up to use.

As best I can remember, this is how a solenoid works. Basically, metal is coiled around a magnet. When you move the magnet inside by some mechanical means (like the giant diesel engine in lost or when you physically shake the flashlight), it generates current. So, when the first guy touched all that live coiled metal, he was quickly electrocuted.

Then I asked him why there were two solenoids and why Desmond disappeared, and he said he had no idea how they were using it or why he poofed. Lol.

Amber said...

ooh this is very interesting. I have to give myself some more time to meditate on ideas. This may demand a two-part recap. lol.