Sunday, April 4, 2010

LOST in Translation V.9

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this days ago, but Blogger was acting up and it never posted, despite repeated attempts. So here it is, many moons late!

Forgive me, I've been a bit busy this week and kept forgetting to recap LOST. That might be because that was such a very forgettable episode, was it not?


Here's the gist of what I walked away with from Tuesday's episode:
  • No matter how deep their love might be, Jin and Sun's union has always and will always be shaky. When Keamy told Jin, "Some people just aren't meant to be together," I remembered how throughout their relationship, they've never existed without a barrier. At one point or another, Jin's poor standing, Sun's affair, Jin's inability to speak English, Sun's meddling father, time and space have all stood in the way of their love. The fact it happened all over again in the Sideways world was sad, but perhaps that's their fate.
  • My boss mentioned something I'd forgotten: Jacob touched both Jin and Sun at their wedding. We know that Jacob's touch is no joke; Richard confirmed it.
  • My friend Andi thinks it means their DAUGHTER is the Kwon candidate. Intriguing idea, especially when you consider she's one of the only surviving babies, if not the only baby, conceived on the island.
  • The Package: is Desmond. Biggest anticlimax ever, but I was still delighted to see my favorite Brotha.
  • Widmore vs. Flocke: Locke says war is coming. Finally!
I love Jin and Sun and again, this was not the Sideways tale I hoped for. But it moved the story along nicely, and confirmed my theory that the Sideways world shows us how fate works. The difference is what you do with it.

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