Monday, April 19, 2010

I Love Lamp.

Do you ever have a vision in your mind for exactly what you want, but it seems like no one sells it? Let me tell you the story of a girl and her love for lamps.

That's how I was feeling about lamps for our living room. I've been tired of my mismatched college-era lamps for a while now, and I also didn't have a spare one for the left side of the room, where Sean usually sits. I tried reading over there once and seriously, I could have used a coal miner's hat.

I had a vision of robin's egg blue ceramic lamps, similar to these old favorites of mine by J.Schatz or these pricey lovelies from Crate and Barrel. I didn't want to shell out $100 a pop for lamps because...well just because. That seems insane.

I reluctantly registered for the Crate and Barrel lamps, knowing no one would ever buy us two of them and resigned myself to the idea that I'd probably just have to give up the dream.

But then! I saw two robin's egg blue lamps at Marshall's, at $29.99 a pop. OH HAPPY DAY. I brought them home to roost and now I just gaze at them and think about how, like the rug in "The Big Lebowski," they really pull the room together.


Bethany said...

i love the typewriter! my mom has one that's similar set up in my old bedroom (it's now her antiques room...haha)

Amber said...

it doesn't work, alas. I desperately want one that works.