Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Belated Look Back at 2013

I feel so out of it, guys. I'm completely distracted and have been neglecting my blog, which is sad because it's really as much for my benefit as it is for my sweet readers. I wanted to do a little reflection, so humor me while we look back.


In January, I babysat Ashleigh's puppy, which was actually a pretty big deal for me! 


In February, we went to see Icona Pop, Matt & Kim and Passion Pit and it was wonderful! Matt & Kim are amazing live.


In March, I helped throw a tea party baby shower and made a runner and pennant banner!


In April, I helped pull off a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband and his best friend! I also changed jobs, which was really the biggest thing that happened this year.


May marked my triumphant return to wine fest!


In June, Sean and I went to see the amazing Tom Wesselman show in Richmond and I hosted a North Carolina-themed wine club.


In July, I finally made a terrarium (although one of these plants thrived and the other is totally gone...weird) and went to Savannah!


In August, we went to our first drag brunch and...

went to explore Barboursville after a wedding!


In September, we went on our first family vacay to Washington, D.C.!


In October, Sean stunned me with a wonderful surprise anniversary trip to Ocracoke!


In November, Wine Club took a painting class and it was so fun!


And I followed that up with a glassblowing session to create my own ornament!

It's been an amazing year of fun, but Sean and I both want to really accomplish some big goals in 2014: buy a car, move (either to another rental or possibly buy) and I'm really hoping we can magically have money left over to go to Amsterdam and maybe Paris. Whew! Wish us luck.

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