Monday, March 4, 2013

Tea Party Baby Shower

This weekend, we threw a baby shower for our friend Lindsey, who is expecting her second child. She is having a boy, but wanted to have a tea party, which gave us a challenge: plan a tea party that is somehow not completely girly. 

We decided the way to do that was by using British-inspired fabrics, like plaid, and the colors blue and green. Thankfully, we were able to host the party at my in-laws' beautiful home. 

Lindsey's sister-in-law Holly collected china for her own wedding and brought teacups for the party, which gave it such a nice personal touch. Each teacup is unique!

Holly did an incredible job baking. I handled most of the decor duties...I sewed a plaid runner, and brought my cake stands. I used a tea tin for a vase as the centerpiece.

Holly made these incredible cupcake bites of red velvet cake, dipped in candy melts and dusted with sugar. So good!

On the savory side, we feasted on her feta and chive scones (find a recipe and make these stat)...

And my sister-in-law Katie made delicious mini mac and cheese with Ritz cracker crusts...

We had more tea than any group of human beings could consume in just a few hours! We had chinese flower tea (displayed in my grandma's Wedgewood)...

and the classics...breakfast teas, Earl Grey and Lady Grey. We also had wild berry tea, delicious Tazo varieties, chocolate strawberry was quite the embarrassment of riches.

Neither Holly nor I could resist the siren call of Walker's shortbread cookies. Our friend Lindsey's little girl was biting the heads of scotty dogs left and right!

I put together my caprese skewers, natch. Party classic!

For the two weeks leading up to the party, I wrestled my sewing machine into submission and managed to crank out four of these pennant banners (more on that later). I gave all of them to Lindsey for the nursery and/or future parties!

We played several games, including the classic "How big is her belly?" ribbon game, a baby-related word search and a word scramble. Katie had super cute prizes to give: a ducky tea infuser, a salt cellar, prep cups and bow-tie wine charms. 

I found the idea on Pinterest to create "dear baby" cards that prompt party guests to write their hopes and dreams for the baby. I printed the prompts on cardstock, punched holes in the upper left corner and secured them with ribbon so they're easy to keep together. Everyone filled them out and then Lindsey read them aloud. It was very sweet, and I hope the baby will enjoy reading them in 16-18 years. 

It was a lovely shower, and if anything, it showed that teamwork makes the dream work!


Heather said...

I don't like baby showers (or even babies for that matter...), but this one looked fabulous. I love that you and your friends threw a classy & elegant shower instead of a cutesy one. Everything looks absolutely amazing!

A Little Slice Of said...

Gorgeous! Great job on the pennant, we call it bunting in Australia, looks fab!