Friday, March 8, 2013

I Spy: Monogrammed Dishes, Lily China & Embroidered Ballerinas

It's that time again, friends! Antiquing time! I hit up my usual after-work antiquing spot, the Williamsburg Antique Mall, and spotted these gems that give the home a little personality and character. I can't recommend doing this enough. I used to buy all my home accessories and decorative items at Target and HomeGoods, but then I'd hit up an antique mall and find authentic, cooler versions of what I just bought! That's not always true, but it's a good reminder that a lot of what we see in stores today is just a repeat of an earlier trend. 

First up, I liked this sweet little English hotel dish with a "G" monogram for $10. Perfect for holding soap, paperclips, jewelry or even bon bons.

 I was totally struck by this elegant lily of the valley china set. It's a pattern I've truly never seen and looked very modern to me. It wasn't cheap, though! The full teacup with plate was $110!

I'm a pretty firm believer in NOT buying old books simply for styling purposes if it's a book you'd never read in a million years. It's one of my design pet peeves that every single stylist/designer has a copy of "I Married Adventure" just because of its pretty zebra linen cover. BUT I cannot lie; I was totally drawn to the amazing detail of this copy of George Eliot's "Mill on the Floss." Maybe I'd read it? Just maybe?

I have a love affair with convex or bubble frames. They just add such visual interest to a gallery wall. I thought these sweet bird prints, $39.50 each, would be such versatile additions to an art collection. 

Busts are just kind of awesome, right? Classic old plaster ones, modern bronze ones...I just can't resist giving them a second look. They look so intriguing on bookshelves, side tables or just wearing your necklaces. The tag on this one said "Frances Chapman, 1964 sculpture." Google wasn't super helpful, but she could be yours for $82.50.

I'm sort of determined to make embroidery samplers seem like awesome art that doesn't look fusty. Is that impossible? I feel like this lovely embroidery of a ballerina and male danseur could look really great in a sleek white modern frame, possibly mounted on top of a mat board to keep the 3D textile appeal. It has a sweetness that I think would really work in a girl's room. $18.

Until today, I wasn't familiar with Solian Ware until today. It was, apparently, a trade name for pottery made by SOHO Pottery from 1913 to 1930 in England (info here). I'm not sure how many pieces have the National Geographic yellow-colored rim, but I just loved it. It could add so much a tabletop, but would also look fabulous on a wall of mounted plates. Super cheap, too, at $5 a plate (they had two).

I really liked a lot of the details on this dresser, with the very Greek-looking hardware and the molding. I think it was $295.

 For $175, these two nightstands are almost a steal and have so much rehab potential! Paint them almost any color and the details would really pop. I imagine them in a soft dove gray.

Remember in 2006 when everyone started collecting paint-by-number paintings and you'd see them on all the design blogs and in Domino magazine? Yeah, that's probably a bit played out, but I actually really love this one. It has a modern graphic design quality in its flatness, and the colors combined with the scene feels really sweet and perfect for a little girl room. At $35, it seems a bit overpriced.

I love bone boxes like this. They are great decorative objects, great for holding the tiny things in your life that need homes and would look handsome on your man's nightstand. $22.

I'm not even sure what you'd do with giant Jackie Kennedy paper dolls, but I felt like you needed to know they exist. (try to ignore my stupid thumb getting in the way! I was moving too fast!)

And finally, this is what I brought home! An adorable enamel mail holder that I saw, snatched and carried around the antique mall cradling it like a precious baby. I'm not even sure where it will live in my current apartment, but I just imagine it will look sooooooo cute in my future entry hall or even on my future porch at my future dream cottage. $15, pals!

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Laura Rennie said...

I'm kinda shocked you didn't buy the paper dolls, too! :) LOVE the mail holder.