Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Best v.148

I'm so in love with the work of Elliot Puckette. Her calligraphic lines remind me of patterns in the ice left by skates, or contrails in the sky. Her most recognizable works are on slate backgrounds, so it was fun for me to stumble onto this trippy pink watercolor-y background. 

I've had a very nice lazy weekend filled with weird movies! Sean and I watched "Compliance," which was chilling and a nearly completely true story! So creepy. This morning, we caught a matinee of "Spring Breakers," which was fantastical and fun and also creepy. James Franco is pretty mesmerizing in it...I feel like I'm going to be saying " 'spicious" for weeks.
  • Have you seen that picture of fuller-bodied mannequins in Sweden? They're fake, but many people (including me!) think they should be standard in American stores.
  • Fascinating display of driver's licenses since the dawn of driving.
  • Someone at Buzzfeed assembled pictures accurately depicting my teenhood. Nostalgia is at an all-time high, I think. I literally had that issue of YM and that NOW CD and that shampoo.
  • I'm really in love with all of Anna Emilia's illustrations.
  • The tale of the cat fired from Broadway.
  • A haunting photograph tweeted by Yoko Ono. 
  • This Onion piece on living your passions on the weekends made me laugh and then cry a little inside.
  • Watch Lindsay Lohan grow up in mug shots.
  • This hotly debated article about why men don't do chores has some very true nod-your-head moments for me, even though we work very hard to be somewhat equitable in our chores. I imagine this will become infinitely more challenging when we have kids.

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