Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Suzani Score!

 The other day, I was poking around The Velvet Shoestring, a consignment shop in Williamsburg I've been meaning to visit for ages. I rounded a corner and saw these beautiful suzani fabric pillows, with intricate embroidery and was like, "wait a sec...those look like the real deal." A suzani is a needlework pillow design hailing from Central Asia, and has been huge in the past few years. Here are some similar ones to the pillows I spotted:

This vintage suzani sold for $415!!

Pottery Barn is also selling its own version (which looks a little more like crewel) for $79 a pop.

The best part? These pillows were $10 each and based on the stitching and the gently worn look, I think they could be authentic (at least more than the Pottery Barn ones). I scooped them right up even though I absolutely didn't need any more throw pillows!

 I do kinda wish they matched, but it's fun to have a bit of an eclectic mix.

The detail is really lovely.

Needless to say, it's a good reminder to pop into your local consignment shops every once in a while. You really never know what your neighbors might be getting rid of!

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Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE stuff like that! They look great!