Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Best v. 187

I recently discovered and fell in love with these colorful collages by Stephen Longstreet. I would love to challenge myself more with collage, so this is good inspiration! Things have been quiet around here as I've traveled around for the holidays, relaxed as much as possible and generally felt confused about what's realistically achievable in 2014. I just realized I didn't even remember to do a 2013 wrap-up post, so I should do that...Just another example of how out-of-it I've been feeling lately! In the meantime, here are some good distractions:
  • An artist puts rap quotes into context for a powerful statement.
  • 25 manners kids should have by age 9...I know plenty of adults, myself included, who could work on some of these!!
  • Tips and hacks for doing almost everything better than you do now. Apparently none of us are making eggs correctly!
  • Foxes have a magnetic ability to hunt. Seriously, this is fascinating.
  • Why it seems like everyone just got engaged.
  • Inexplicably gorgeous pictures of food cut in half.
  • It's here! The Veronica Mars movie trailer.
  • All hail funny women.
  • What party, fictional or real, do you wish you attended? Mine would be Truman Capote's Black & White Ball (real) and the Sixteen Candles house party (fictional).
  • Wanna eat healthier but just love food so much? I pinned a few of these Bon Appetit recipes.
  • The best scripts of 2013. Just wait; one of these might be winning the Oscar in a couple years.

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Laura Rennie said...

I'm making Bon Appetit's turkey and white bean chili right now and thinking about you (because it's made with turkey). I think you need to try it! If you've sworn off ground turkey then I imagine ground beef would be fine in it, too. The cinnamon and cocoa powder give it great depth of flavor.