Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wine Club: Virginia & New York

Whew...I have been WAY behind posting about recent Wine Club "travels." As you may recall, we've spent the past few months touring the wines of the United States. In December, we sorta stayed home and sampled Virginia wines (somehow I completely forgot to take pictures of any of them!). In January, Melissa took us to upstate New York.

 Way back in December, Lauren cooked up some classic Virginia dishes, including homemade peanut soup (for real, try it! it's delicious)....

 Virginia ham biscuits...

 And pineapple, of course! Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, especially in Williamsburg.

 Fast forward to January, Melissa took us to upstate New York, known for its sweet Rieslings. We sampled buffalo chicken dip (good lord, I love it)...

 NY Strip steak...

 and pizza, of course!

 New York is home to several great wines if you like your vino a little sweet. We all shared a laugh when we found out the king of sweet wines — Arbor Mist — hails from NY. We sampled:

  • Alta B Red: A soft, fruity, sweet red by Wagner Vineyards.
  • Bully Hill Love My Goat: A subtle, fruity red...very drinkable and easy.
  • Hazlitt Riesling: An off-dry white with tropical notes...I brought this one and was super proud because it was delicious.
  • Arbor Mist White Zinfandel: Hot damn if this still isn't as delicious as it was when I didn't know better! We were all shaking our heads with shame because we loved every sip. Capri Sun wine, I called it.

  • Wagner Riesling Dry: A citrusy, clean riesling that is absolutely comparable to a good German riesling.
  • Bully Hill Seasons: A fruity white with notes of apple and pear. 
  • Hazlitt Cabin Fever: An easy drinking semi-sweet blush. I can just imagine it's perfect for evenings on the Finger Lakes.

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