Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Best v.190

Crew installing a Helen Frankenthaler painting, found here.

Well, whoops! It isn't even Sunday. We had a pretty busy day yesterday and I completely blanked on posting my favorite links of last week. My bad, but for your afternoon enjoyment:
  • Amazing! Richard Linklater's newest film took 12 years to shoot, following the aging of a boy.
  • The Internet decodes a grandma's last messages.
  • Norway's curling team is going to be sporting some crazy pants at the Olympics.
  • Think you can perfectly predict March Madness? Warren Buffett might give you $1 billion!
  • Look closer! The detail on Game of Thrones costumes is incredible.
  • Totally inspired by this 94-year-old track star.
  • The modern love story of the man who edits the NY Times' Modern Love column.
  • Patti LaBelle is the ultimate diva, forever and ever.
  • A good reminder to new parents not to forget about who they are as spouses.
  • Customers aren't always right; how to behave while shopping.
  • All the fun can be had with Justin Bieber's mugshot.
  • Dove is at it again, this time trying to empower the selfie.
  • Did Jezebel lose its damn mind when it demanded unretouched photos of Lena Dunham? The NY Times weighs in.

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