Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Best v. 188

A bed-ridden Matisse hard at work, found here.

Remember those goals we had? We're cracking away! Hoping (hoping hoping, fingers crossed hoping) to buy a new car this week and schedule some time to look at potential rental homes in the next couple weeks. It feels good to be taking care of business!

Here's some grand link action for you on this lazy Sunday evening:
  • Michelle Obama's weird invite etiquette faux pas. Gotta admit, that's pretty bad.
  • Jason Kottke says the blog is dead. It does feel like it sometimes. That's why I try to remember to do it more for me than for anyone else; if others enjoy it, that's even better!
  • Really interesting perspective on not heaping praise on children.
  • Great tips from the Design Sponge team for black paint.
  • Martha Stewart's amazing beauty regimen is no joke.
  • Meryl Streep's feminist praise of Emma Thompson.
  • A lot of truth in this parody of a parenting magazine.
  • The best bars in the South.
  • I was LOL'ing at all the installments in the Bobcats comic.
  • How to tell people if you're not a hugger (I'm least not with new acquaintances. I'm getting over it).
  • Holy flashbacks! The definitive ranking of outfits on the covers of Babysitter's Club books. Claudia Kishi and Stacey McGill foreva!!!!!

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