Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Facing My Puppy Fear

When my friend Ashleigh asked me last week if I could dog-sit her puppy Roscoe, I immediately said yes. I didn't have plans for Saturday, and I always like to help my friends if I can. But then my nerves set in.

Something you probably don't know about me: I am a bonafide cat person to a bit of a crazy degree. I don't dislike doggies, per se; I just have so little experience with them and their unique brand of unconditional love. I never had a dog growing up, so I just don't know what to expect when I'm around them and it's always hard for me to set aside my own uncomfortableness with rambunctious playing and wet kisses when I'm around my friends' doggies. 

And that's exactly why I thought it was high time I face my fears and spend several hours, alone, with a puppy. 

I was feeling okay about dog-sitting until received the doggie daycare dossier from Ash, with an incredibly intimidating list of the puppy's likes and dislikes, mannerisms, vocabulary and schedule. So much to remember! Most cat owners have never had to say, "Go potty" to convince their cat to unload...this was going to be a new experience for both of us!

Luckily, we both survived the day. It was quite an eye-opener...people aren't kidding when they say a puppy is training wheels for a baby. I couldn't believe how much attention cute Roscoe needed! I spent most of the day either feeding him, walking him, playing with him to tire him out, letting him nap on my lap and repeating the whole routine. 

We did have a couple accidents...almost every time I turned my back, either to make myself lunch or go to the bathroom, he decided it was time to pee under my dining table. When I left him on the couch, he started whining, because his pitiful little legs can't make the jump to the floor!

But all in all, we had the most lovely day together. There's really nothing like having a living thing to care for who demands your attention, and I'm glad I faced my fear of doggie caregiving. When we came inside after Ashleigh took him home, I noted with surprise to Sean, "I miss Roscoe!" In other words, I want a kitten really desperately.


theshe said...

When I called my darling fiance last spring to tell him I was in possession of a foster pup and feeling the urge to keep her, I expected him, a full-on cat person with no dog experience, to talk me down. To my surprise, he talked me into keeping her, knowing she'd be the best thing for me.

I grew up with dogs, but raising little Starbuck has been a whole new experience. Being fully responsible for a tiny puppy is crazy hard, but also crazy rewarding. Honestly, the best part of all of it has been watching Anthony go from the kind of dog fear you described to a full-on puppy lover. The way dogs interact, their methods of playing and loving, is so vastly different from the way cats behave. He loves being able to play hard with her, and how hilarious she can be.

I'm attempting to adjust to our two cats, and doing okay. It's hard to go from dogs to cats, since many cats are quite aloof. Luckily, while one of our two could seriously not care less if I live or die, the other one has become quite enamored with me. His affections are interesting and enjoyable.

...You totally need a kitten.

ashleigh t. said...

OMG, I miss him being this small! I don't think I ever saw this cute blog post. Thanks for documenting your first experience with Roscoe!
Thanks, Auntie Amber!