Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wine Club Visits Todd Jurich's Bistro

Last week, the Wine Club gals headed to Norfolk for Restaurant Week. We enjoyed a dinner at Todd Jurich's Bistro, one of the fancier restaurants in town. I love going to nice restaurants once in a while because they inspire me with their ingredient combos and presentation. I managed to snag a few (crappy) shots, for your cooking inspiration.

I started with a classic caprese salad, but this was with marinated tomatoes, burratta, basil and cippollini onions. It was delicious, and came with a little crostini buried under all those tomatoes.

For my entree, I had delicious housemade fusilli pasta covered with a sauce of tender lamb and porcini mushrooms. You never realize what a difference fresh pasta makes until you have it.

Lauren had this delicious salmon topped with tomatoes and onions.

And Erica had filet mignon with the most delicious truffle fries ever.

Forgive the terrible pic, but I was just so excited to dig into my bread pudding with whiskey creme. 

And the rest of the girls enjoyed dark chocolate pots de creme with caramelized bananas on top. And now I suddenly want banana chocolate chip me while I get to that.


pbarfield said...

I love, love, LOVE Todd Jurich's. Their little mascarpone truffle ravioli appetizer is worth kicking puppies in an effort to get the recipe.

Laura Rennie said...

so clearly these aren't the best pics in the world, but am I wrong in thinking that the plating is sloppy? I know you notice these things just as much as I do. regardless, it all sounds amazing. also, I forgot to comment on your adorable hedgehog cups but don't think I didn't die over them!

Amber said...

I would agree the plating on the caprese salad was a little sloppy. We were frankly surprised by the way our lamb was served, but it was kind of homey. Thank you for the hedgehog love!