Thursday, January 31, 2013

Neutral Nursery Inspiration

Don't go getting the wrong little Kennedys are expected any time soon. But, I've officially reached the age when every single one of my friends is pregnant and nursery planning. I've been exchanging ideas with one friend, in particular, about neutral, sophisticated nurseries and I find the idea of it an inspiring challenge.

Is it weird if I think it might be my calling to be a nursery designer? Seriously, let me know if you want help! I love imagining spaces that are soothing for mom and for baby. Here are some scenarios I've dreamed up:

Sophisticated, Gender Neutral
Sophisticated Baby

Okay, calling this gender neutral might be a stretch with some of the fabric choices, but for at least that first year before a baby boy starts exerting his manliness, I think you could pull this off as a boy's nursery or a girl's nursery.
  1. Paint walls Sherwin Williams' "Rainwashed," a soothing blue-gray-green shade.
  2. Use Etsy, thrift stores or antique shops to find a calm landscape painting. It will give the room some gravitas and maybe inspire the baby's imagination.
  3. An origami pendant lamp gives the room some cool, along with gentle, diffused lighting.
  4. A trio of greige, silvery-blue fabrics can round out the room, used for curtains, bumper covers, the cribskirt or the changing pad cover. These are from herehere and here.
  5. With a pretty cushion, this old-fashioned wicker rocking chair would give the room warmth and feel connected to older generations.
  6. I have a weakness for pretty Jenny Lind cribs. They just look classic to me.
  7. Provide extra seating and even a little table for the wee one with a pouf.
Worldly Girl's Room
Girly Neutral nursery

For the sophisticated future world traveler, a selection of fabrics from cultures around the world: a suzani-lite fabric, a spotted ikat and an equestrian toile. To bring it all together, a print reading "I love you around the world and back again." Indeed.
  1. Walls painted Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter.
  2. Fabric, left to right, herehere and here.
  3. A super fancy (albeit expensive) glider.
  4. The Jenny Lind crib.
  5. This is a vintage-inspired chandelier, but you can usually find cheaper versions of the real thing at antique stores. I love the reminds me of something Sally would have on "Mad Men."
  6. A pink leather pouf.
  7. I might actually have to buy myself a beautiful stuffed swan.
  8. A lovely poster from Etsy.
Glam Girl Nursery
Glam Girl Nursery

Since the baby frankly won't remember the look of her nursery, why not make it a glamorous place for mom to enjoy?
  1. Nate Berkus fabric, gray fabric from Joann's and beautiful dove grey Dwell fabric.
  2. Walls painted Revere Pewter, the perfect greige. Want to get really fun with it? Paint stripes.
  3. A gorgeous glider.
  4. Jenny Lind crib (again).
  5. A beautiful Dash & Albert dhurrie.
  6. An IKEA shelf that can hold books, toys, sheets and clothes.
Whew. What is it about nursery design that gets us ladies so pumped? Maybe the idea of designing the perfect little world for a baby to be welcomed to the world. 

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